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Handling Homeowners Insurance Claim Disputes

As a home owner, you trust that your homeowners insurance company will provide for you in the event of a disaster or property damage. After all, that is why you purchased insurance in the first place.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always live up to their promises or contractual obligations. Often, property owners end up with less than what their claims are worth. Sometimes, insurance companies delay paying the claim, making it difficult for the property owner to deal with the financial aftermath of a catastrophic event.

Insurance companies are adept at finding reasons to deny or reduce the value of a claim. Whether the insurance company claims the loss is not covered by the policy, that there are limits on the amount of recovery or whether the insurance company actually blames the homeowner for causing the loss, the law firm of George J. Kefalos, P.A., has the experience to respond for you.

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We Can Help You Seek The Coverage You Are Entitled To After Experiencing:

  • Fire damage
  • Water damage
  • Storm damage
  • Hurricane damage
  • Other damage

These cases can be devastating for property owners. If your home or business has been damaged, and your insurance company is not paying you, you are undoubtedly feeling stress and frustration. You should know that our firm is ready to step in and help you deal with your insurance company and seek the coverage you need and deserve.

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