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Coverage Issues

Insurance Coverage Disputes — Charleston, South Carolina

With 40 years of experience in handling insurance coverage disputes, the law firm of George J. Kefalos, P.A. is uniquely positioned to address your insurance claim denial matters. From our location in Charleston, South Carolina, we have helped countless clients across the state obtain the coverage they deserve under the terms of their insurance policy.

Whether settling matters out of court or litigating to achieve our ends, we maintain a strong focus on client care and support. All too often, insurance companies act out of self-interest to the detriment of their insured. We will work to make certain that you are not victimized by this practice. Contact us today for a free initial consultation with an attorney.

Disputes Over Noncoverage

  • If you are sued in a third-party claim, you depend upon your insurance to cover the costs of the defense as well as fees associated with any judgment against you. More and more, insurance companies are denying defense in these kinds of cases, stating that the matters complained about are not covered under the policy. Our law firm examines the facts surrounding such denials and works to make sure that insurance companies do not unlawfully abandon their clients.
  • If your denial of coverage is due to an accidental omission on your application or an inaccurately completed application, we can help you address matters with your insurance agent and get the coverage you are entitled to.
  • Our attorney has helped settle insurance coverage disputes involving problems arising from homebuilders’ mistakes. While a builder may have no coverage, the workmanship is often covered.

Policy Terms

If your first- or third-party claim has been denied or if you are embroiled in an insurance coverage dispute and suspect that the denial may be the result of a reinterpretation of the terms by your insurance provider, count on George J. Kefalos. We have helped many clients enjoy the benefits resulting from the proper interpretation of their policies.

To get the experience you want in handling your insurance coverage dispute with the care and attention you deserve, contact George J. Kefalos, P.A. Call a lawyer at 843-722-6612 to set up a free initial consultation.