Insurance Bad Faith

Charleston, South Carolina Lawyer Handling Insurance Bad Faith

What could be more frustrating than submitting a claim to your insurance company in the full expectation of coverage, only to have your claim denied, delayed or dismissed?

Whether you have homeowners, medical or auto insurance, it is aggravating to discover that investment, designed to cover damage or injury, has not paid off. Worse still is the nagging sense that denied claims were the result of insurance bad faith.

At the law firm of George J. Kefalos, P.A. in Charleston, South Carolina, we share your frustration. In our three decades of legal work, much of our energy has been directed toward protecting the interests of those whose insurance claims have been denied in bad faith. Let our firm help you get the coverage your policy outlines. Contact us today.

Policy Interpretation

Insurance disputes often really come down to a matter of reinterpretation. Often when an insurance company realizes that a particular policy is resulting in a number of claims and significant losses for the carrier, they revisit the policy and reinterpret its terms in their favor.

If you believe your insurance provider has re-engineered a policy to deny your claim, we encourage you to speak with us today. We have helped clients gain coverage in a variety of insurance bad faith disputes including:

  • First- and third-party insurance bad faith claims
  • Medical insurance
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Fire loss
  • Theft and auto insurance

An Experienced Trial Lawyer

Attorney George J. Kefalos is a trial lawyer with extensive courtroom experience related to insurance bad faith. Focusing much of his attention on cross-examination of claims handlers, Mr. Kefalos is skilled at exposing inconsistencies, inaccuracies and, above all, vague, ambiguous terms.

Once a policy has been shown to have multiple interpretations, the courts will generally rule in favor of a reading that favors the policyholder. The law office of George J. Kefalos, P.A. has helped numerous clients obtain the coverage outlined by their policies, and we can assist you too.

To get the experience you want in handling your insurance bad faith claim with the level of personalized care you deserve, contact George J. Kefalos, P.A. online or call our Charleston, South Carolina, offices at 843.722.6612. We look forward to discussing the particulars of your case with you in a free initial consultation.